Cable Sleeves

Cable Management Sleeves for Wire Management

  • The 4 cord black sleeve helps manage and hide those unruly cords.
  • These cable sleeves will make your house or work station look neat.
  • Made from flexible neoprene that stretches to fit up to 10 cables and protects them from dust, water, and chewing by pets.
  • Simply wrap around your cables, zip up, and worry no more. The sleeve will keep all your cords in a firm, organized bundle.
  • Sleeves are 19.5 x 4 inches when open and 1.5 inches when zipped closed.

Loose cables are not a pretty sight, but they are also unsafe. We recommend these wire organizers to organize your living room or workspace, but also ensure your safety. Perfect for all your needs, whether organizing your TV entertainment center, workstation, or office. You can simply use this Cable concealer.


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