Command Hooks

Command Small Wire Hooks

  • This item is 16 hooks and 24 small indoor strips; 1 hook holds 1/2 lb
  • Chooses from many pack sizes and two finishes.
  • Say goodbye to holes, marks, or sticky residue on your walls, doors, cabinets, or closets. Command Hooks by 3M are easy to use and help keep your walls looking beautiful.
  • Includes metal wire toggle feature for versatile hanging.
  • Command Wire Hooks hold strongly on a variety of indoor surfaces including painted walls, smooth ceilings, finished wood, glass, tile, metal, and other smooth surfaces.
  • These wall hooks leave no sticky adhesive behind when you decide to change your space.

We think these are perfect to use inside cabinets and closets. Considered uses; college dorm, apartment, home, and office. Anywhere, where putting a hole on the wall is not ideal. You can hang hats, calendars, keys, measuring spoons, cleaning tools, jewelry, and accessories where you want without nails or a hammer.

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Command Hooks (resized)


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