Dry Goods Dispenser

Dry Goods Dispenser with Wooden Stand and Lid

  • Rice container with lid, wooden stand, and measuring cup
  • Easy to clean and fill
  • Ideal for kitchen storage or to be used as a housewarming gift for your friends.
  • Glass dispenser, suitable for holding cereal, flour, corn, soybeans, grain, dry goods, etc.
  • The lid is made of natural bamboo, with a food-grade sealing ring
  • The bamboo wood stand is a cross-design
  • The lead-free glass container seals for moisture-proof, and moth-proof use
  • The dispenser is designed at the bottom of the bucket, so you can control the rice or grain flow
  • Available in 5-liters and 8-liter capacity

We love this stylish container for large quantity foods that you want to keep out on your kitchen counter. Staples like rice, flour and cereal work well in these containers.


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