Making Time Work

Making Time Work For You by Harold Taylor

The best-selling time management book (2008 edition) shows how you can manage yourself for maximum results.

If you have trouble getting everything done or don’t have enough time for yourself, here’s a book you must read. This Canadian best-seller, originally published in 1981 by Stoddart Publishing of Toronto, and Beaufort and Dell Pocket Books of New York, has once again been completely updated and republished in January 2008. 302 pages, quality paperback with bibliography and index.

If you have trouble getting everything done and still have enough time for yourself, this book is for you. Harold Taylor, a time management consultant for over twenty-five years, has added chapters on e-mail and handheld PDAs to this revised edition of his best-selling book to reflect life in today’s corporate world. In this no-nonsense, idea-packed guide, you will learn to:

– Get rid of the backlog and stay on top of your priorities.
– Get organized and help your staff manage their time.
– Cut interruptions and crises in half. Delegate quickly and effectively. Reduce the impact of stress on your life.
– Streamline your meetings, writing, and reading.
– Quickly handle voice mail and e-mail.
– Be productive while traveling.
– Rid yourself of procrastination, perfectionism, and absentmindedness.
– Say no without guilt.
– Win the paperwork battle.
– Make technology work for you.
– Manage your time with Palms™ and PDAs
– Replace to-do lists with completed tasks.
– Manage your time at home
– Balance your life

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