Organize For Cancer

Organize For Cancer: How to Get Through Treatment and Recover Easier by Cynthia Braun

All I have to say is that cancer is a disease and, God willing, you can get through it with the right attitude and the right doctors. In this book, I will share a unique take on cancer treatment and recovery that doctors may not discuss with you. This technique, which called on my experience as a professional organizer, prepared me in a way I believe will benefit you, as well.
I was fortunate to have a caring, capable team of medical professionals. Additionally, I focused on my professional and personal skills to beat the fight against cancer twice, with a smile on my face all throughout the journey. My positive attitude and great support system saved my life and it can for you too! So here is my story – the sorrow, the happiness, the horror, and the fun parts which increase every day. Read it in good health!


Available on Kindle and in paperback.

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