Stackable Shoe Boxes

Stackable Shoe Boxes

  • Order in packs for 12.
  • Size of each box is 12.4’’×8.8’’×5.3’’,shoe boxes fit up to men’s size is 9.5 and up to women’s size is 10.
  • The shoe organizer is made of non-toxic environmentally friendly plastic. Sturdy and durable, waterproof and can be washed with water. Lightweight soft plastic is used around the shoe box, and hard plastic is used for the door frame, which is very stable after assembly.
  • Connect the shoe organizers to make any configuration you want. You can stack shoe boxes according to your needs. You do need to assemble yourself.
  • Shoe box storage is designed with a flip cover.. The clear door of the shoe box makes it easier for you to find items and save you time and keep the shoes clean.
  • The outer frame of the front of each box come six different colors.

We like this clear plastic shoe storage for it’s flexibility. You can configure these boxes to fit your space. We also like that you are able to see and retrieve your shoes with moving boxes around, saving you time and frustration when getting dressed. You can be creative and use these boxes for items other than shoes, possibly crafts, toys or tools.

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Stackable Shoe Boxes(resized)


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