Suzie’s Messy Room

Suzie’s Messy Room by Diane N. Quintana 

Suzie is a typical, active five-year-old little girl. She loves playing with all her toys in her room and sometimes creates a real mess! When her mother asks her to pick up her room, Suzie is overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to begin. Suzie’s mother helps her complete the job by breaking the project into small tasks that Suzie is able to finish easily. Doing this teaches Suzie how to get organized.

Basic principles of organizing included in this story:

  • Break projects down into small steps
  • Sort like with like
  • Cull collections
  • All belongings need a home
  • Reward for completed tasks

This book is a great way to teach your children how to get and stay organized. Available in Kindle and paperback.

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