The Circulation Solution

The Circulation Solution: The Ultimate Organizing Approach For Lasting Clutter Relief by Matt Baier

If you’ve read a lot of organizing books and you still find it hard to stay organized, it may be because they are missing a key component.

You’ve decluttered an unbelievable amount of your stuff, but you still feel overwhelmed with what’s left and you hesitate to invite friends over.
You’ve created a home for your mail and organized your files alphabetically, but you still have piles of paper and you pay late fees on bills that go missing.
You’ve bought organizing bins that fit neatly in cubby holes, but you still can’t find what you want, when you want it and you make multiple purchases on items you already have.

This book will show EASY strategies to:
1. Keep your kitchen and office surfaces clear DAILY.
2. Declutter stuff that gets in the way WITHOUT REGRETS.
3. Get your important to-do’s to DONE.

The key to The Circulation Solution is a very simple philosophy: “circulation prevents accumulation.” It is an approach that is natural and easy as breathing. Sustainable organizing depends on a plan for movement in a series of manageable, reliable stages, starting with this book. It’s just 110 pages and illustrated. Organizing can be fluid and easy. The Circulation Solution will show you how.

Available on Kindle and in paperback.

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