The Truth About Clutter

The Truth About Clutter:: Why Am I Holding On To This? by Sue Anderson

50 Clutter Busting Tips
24 Guided Decluttering Exercises
Case Studies

Do you ever wonder why you hold on to things (or several of the same thing for that matter)? Or why it’s so hard to let go of them? Have you ever felt embarrassed, ashamed or defeated by your clutter or excess? Do you wonder why tackling your clutter leaves you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and paralyzed?

The Truth about Clutter takes a deep look at what clutter really is, along with the many ways it negatively impacts our lives. Then it delves into the psychology behind why we continue to acquire more stuff and have trouble letting go of it. The book explores the freeing power of letting go and releasing your excess. Including the many ways that it positively affects not only you, but others. You’ll walk away armed with the knowledge and information you need to break free from these destructive patterns. You are provided with BONUS tips and strategies throughout that will help you successfully implement these changes.

Available on Kindle and in paperback.

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